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Sports Direct content interruption
Posted by Ian Marsman on 01 October 2016 05:38 PM
An issue on one of our servers is interfering with content production for files from Sports Direct. We are working to resolve this. The estimated time to resolve the issue is 2 PM ET.
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SDI NHL full-game coverage for the preseason
Posted by Nathan Matten on 29 September 2016 05:56 PM

Hello all,

Sports Direct Inc. has informed us that these will be the NHL preseason games they will have full coverage for:


Sunday, September 25 – St. Louis at Columbus - 7:00pm ET

Monday, September 26 – Carolina at Washington – 7:00pm ET

Tuesday, September 27 – Washington at Montreal – 7:30pm ET

Wednesday, September 28 – Pittsburgh at Chicago – 8:30pm ET

Thursday, September 29 – New Jersey at NY Rangers – 7:00pm ET

Friday, September 30 – Toronto at Buffalo – 7:00pm ET

Saturday, October 1 – St. Louis at Chicago – 8:30pm ET

Sunday, October 2 – San Jose at Vancouver – 8:00pm ET

Monday, October 3 – NY Rangers at Philadelphia – 7:00pm ET

Tuesday, October 4 – Detroit at Chicago – 8:30pm ET

Wednesday, October 5 – Colorado at Dallas – 8:30pm ET

Thursday, October 6 – Calgary at Vancouver – 10:00pm ET

Friday, October 7 – Washington at Carolina – 7:00pm ET

Saturday, October 8 – Philadelphia at Boston – 5:00pm ET


Please submit a support ticket with any relevant questions.



Nathan Matten

Manager, Client Support, XML Team

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FeedFetcher release - 2016-04-19
Posted by Ian Marsman on 20 April 2016 08:47 PM

A new release of FeedFetcher is available. You can download it using the link from the FeedFetcher installation page.

It is imperative that clients read and follow all release notes and instructions found here before upgrading or installing FeedFetcher. 

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No NHL HITS Service for EDM-NJ
Posted by Paul Kelly on 21 November 2015 02:19 AM
Subscribers to our NHL HITS service should know that there will not likely be updates for the game tonight for the game between Edmonton and New Jersey due to technical issues at the venue. We apologize for this.
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Posted by Nathan Matten on 28 October 2015 05:54 PM

This announcement is for clients of the Sports Direct feed.

We have improved the site-key for venues, so that each team has a specific corresponding site-key.

The old version for site-keys is posted below:

<site-metadata site-key="s.538103" capacity="19060">
<name full="Staples Center"/>
<home-location city="Los Angeles" state="California" country="USA"/>

The new version is posted here:

<site-metadata site-key="" capacity="19060">
<name full="Staples Center"/>
<home-location city="Los Angeles" state="California" country="USA"/>

This change has taken effect immediately for all sports.

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