FeedFetcher version release notes
Posted by Ian Marsman on 20 April 2016 02:34 PM

FeedFetcher version release notes

FeedFetcher Deluxe update - 2016-04-19

Please read all of the release announcements and upgrade notes.

This update adds some new functionality (see notes below), updates .dat files to ensure fixture key listings are up-to-date, and brings the SportsDb release up to version 30.

As with all FeedFetcher releases, we have put great care into this one. That being said, it may include errors or omissions to .dat files that interfere with its function for your production system. 

We very strongly encourage you to test out this release on a test database and on a separate server until you are satisfied that it is operating properly for you. Some clients may have missed one or more previous releases of FeedFetcher and may need to make several updates to their SportsDb schema in order to get to the version 30. This will also need to be tested out in a separate, non-production environment.

Installing and upgrading

The Linux version of FeedFetcher 2016-04-09 can be found here.

The Windows version of FeedFetcher 2016-04-19 can be downloaded here.

General FeedFetcher install help can be found here.
General FeedFetcher help can be found at here.

Installing for the first time


  • Use the feedfetcher-2016-04-19-windows-installer.exe installer to install FeedFetcher. FeedFetcher does not make any modifications to any files or settings outside of its install, including the registry. The Windows installer release of FeedFetcher contains all perl files and a 32-bit ff.exe (named initially ff-2016-04-19.exe, you can rename it) as well as a 32-bit Windows Service build of FeedFetcher.
  • Rename the config file feedfetcher.cfg.sample to feedfetcher.cfg and modify username, password, and database connection settings.


  • Un-compress the FeedFetcher bundle using: tar -zxvf feedfetcher-2016-04-19.tar.gz. Do not run FeedFetcher as root. Ensure that whatever user you run FeedFetcher as is able to write to all files and directories in the logs and archive directories and to read all other files within the install.
  • Rename the config file feedfetcher.cfg.sample to feedfetcher.cfg and modify username, password, and database connection settings.

Files to update if you are upgrading from a previous version

Files to update include

  • all files in the conf/content-rules directory
  • all files in the dbSetup directory
  • all files in the dbSportMaps directory
  • all files in the perl directory

You can most easily do this if you are upgrading by renaming the old directories to, e.g. dbSetup_old and then copying the whole new directory.

SportsDb schema updates

If you are installing FeedFetcher for the first time you will need to use the sportsdb v. 30 schema file for your database type (MySQL, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL).

If you are updating from SportsDb v. 29, the update SQL from v. 29 to v. 30 of SportsDb will be in the the sportsdb-29-30-transition file matching your DB server (MySql, SQL Server, or PostgreSQL). Please note that there are several changes for sequence_number fields to change their type from INGTEGER or DECIMAL/NUMERIC to VARCHAR. We have tested all SQL to ensure that it is correct but we have not tested it on databases with thousands of records. It may be that there are unforeseen problems with these type conversions. Please test them out on a non-production database and let us know if you run into any problems. You don't need to do the conversions if the existing field types are working for you.

New features

  • schema updates for SportsDb from 29 to 30
  • added start_date to person_phases table. With current data only year is available (e.g. 2007). If full dates become available they will be stored in the start_date_time field as well.
  • added help text to command-line and .exe ( and ff.exe). To use this run -h or ff.exe -h
  • added extra feed call parameter, -x, to allow for additional refinements of what FeedFetcher requests of feed servers. See the updated feedfetcher.cfg.sample file and the -h option output for more information.
  • added code to improve awards storage
  • improved date format handling to avoid errors
  • improved handling of file copy to ensure it works properly on Windows
  • added more effort in code to handle process data
  • added handling of wins_regulation_overtime for outcome_totals
  • added logic to avoid failure when handling position data
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